Blue Calypso Announces Launch of MobileADvantage(TM) and Secures Beta Test With Fortune 100 Company

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DALLAS, July 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Calypso, Inc. (OTCBB:BCYP), a developer of digital innovation products and services, announced the launch of MobileADvantage™ in concert with a beta test with a Fortune 100 company.

MobileADvantage, a mobile-enabled point of purchase solution provides retailers with a unique mobile platform to deliver hyper-targeted, store-specific offers to customers that will provide key product information and incentives that will encourage immediate and incremental in-store purchases.

"We have allocated considerable time and energy to the development of our latest mobile solution, and we are pleased to have an industry-leading retail company as a beta partner as we launch," said Bill Ogle, CEO of Blue Calypso. "Mobile targeting is the most effective means of reaching the consumer at the store level. This solution will shorten the path to purchase by putting actionable information and offers into the consumer's hands while in store. And the most exciting part is that retailers and suppliers receive great benefit from this tool. The market size for this opportunity is considerable and we are very encouraged with the early reception of MobileAdvantage."

Designed to reach consumers with the mobile technology is most comfortable to them, MobileADvantage is device agnostic, and enables brands and retailers to deliver more targeted offers to shoppers based upon their past buying behaviors, geographic location, day of the week or even based on the weather conditions near them. In essence, MobileADvantage delivers a more personalized experience to meet the needs of every shopper, and by focusing on their interests, can help both wholesalers and retailers motivate consumers to buy more immediately and with more frequency.

MobileADvantage also offers a full suite of analytics to help brands and retailers evaluate their campaign and offer effectiveness, and to further refine and tailor future offers that best fit the buying desires of each individual shopper.

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Blue Calypso, Inc. (OTCBB:BCYP) develops digital innovation products and services for the social media marketplace using its patented IP portfolio. The company enables businesses to employ digital advertising to share and socialize brand content as well as track performance, monitor engagements and gather robust analytics – all at lower costs than traditional marketing. Already, Blue Calypso has attracted several large, well-known consumer facing companies in automotive, retail, travel and consumer goods. Blue Calypso licenses its IP in addition to offering digital innovation services through Blue Calypso Labs and solutions including POPSHARE™, SocialEcho™, EMGAGE™, DashTAGG®, and MobileADvantage™. For more about the company please visit

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