Pinhole Surgical Technique, Gum Grafting Alternative, Now Performed at NYC Smile Design by Dr. Elisa Mello!

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New York, July 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The pinhole surgical technique for gum recession is now being performed at NYC Smile Design! Dr. Elisa Mello, is among the first dentists in New York City to offer the minimally invasive pinhole surgical technique for gum recession. This revolutionary gum surgery provides instant results with virtually no downtime.

Traditionally, patients with gum recession would need a procedure known as gum grafting to treat their receding gum lines. During gum grafting, gum tissue is extracted from the palate and then sewn atop the area of exposed root. "Gum grafting is invasive and requires a recovery period up to 10 days," explains Dr. Mello. "Oftentimes a patient may need a few separate procedures to correct gum recession on multiple teeth, it requires a long recovery." The drawn out procedure can deter many patients from correcting gum recession, although a necessary procedure. "The pinhole surgical technique is a much needed innovation for gum recession treatment. It is able to treat many teeth in one visit and has no downtime, allowing patients to smile again with minimal discomfort post-op."

The pinhole surgical technique for gum rejuvenation uses a specially designed dental instrument. A pinpoint sized entry point is created to loosen gum tissue, gliding the regained tissue atop exposed roots. Then, collagen strips are inserted through the entry point to keep the newly positioned gums in place. The procedure is completed in under an hour and results are immediate. The rapid transformation of a patient's smile with this gum surgery is astounding, with zero downtime. The pinhole surgical technique is providing patients with a more practical treatment option to correct gum recession before it has a significant impact on your smile.

Gum recession is a condition that should never be left untreated. The vigor of your gums has a significant impact on not only the condition of your smile, but also your overall health. Without treating gum recession, your smile may enter the beginning stages of gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to numerous serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. In fact, the same plaque found beneath your gums and on your teeth has also been found in clogged coronary arteries. Treating gum recession is not only a wise choice cosmetically, but also for your overall health.

For more information on the pinhole surgical technique, contact Dr. Elisa Mello at NYC Smile Design by phone, (212)452-3344 or request an appointment online to schedule your consultation.

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