Survey: One in Seven Would Give Up Friends Before Smartphone

Dawn Chmielewski
Tang Ming Tung | Moment | Getty Images

Need proof of our growing addiction to gadgetry?

Check out the results of a recent survey sponsored by Motorola Mobility and B2X, which found that one in seven Americans would rather give up their best friends for a week than part with their smartphones.

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Talk about loyalty.

An even greater number — 40 percent of respondents — said it would be difficult, if not impossible, to surrender their phones for a day, even if offered $100 to shed their cellular handcuffs.

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The 518 people surveyed said they keep their devices within reach, day and night. The desire to remain in constant contact is so great, they frequently don't turn off their phones.

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The survey is intended to provide insights into customers' needs and "pain points" when it comes to delivering services.

It also affords a snapshot of a nation walking through life, fixated by a smartphone screen.

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