Can you pass this kindergarten entrance test?

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Thought getting into elite colleges or high schools is difficult?

A new test from educational services company ERB will be used for the first time by some of New York City's top kindergartens this year, but some experts are worried that it may be too difficult, according to DNAinfo New York.

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The test, called the Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL), will be used at Horace Mann and Riverdale Country School starting in October, DNAinfo reported, but experts said that they expect more schools to follow. Part of the impetus is cost: The AABL is replacing the ERB's $568-per-child IQ test with a $65 iPad-based variant.

But the content of the new exam will also represent a significant departure, according to DNAinfo, as prospective kindergartners will also be tested on what they have already learned.

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"The AABL is supposed to identify a child's ability and achievement," Emily Glickman, president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, told DNAinfo. "That achievement part—how much you learned—is totally new. You usually think of an achievement test as something you take in high school. It's not something you think of for preschoolers."

Click here for five sample questions from the new test.