Local Strength and Conditioning Expert, Mike Barwis, to Star on Discovery Channel

PHILADELPHIA, July 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When American Muscle debuts (Discovery Channel Wednesday July 9, 9:00PM) serious Philadelphia fitness buffs may recognize the local connections.

Not only is the show's star, super-strength and conditioning expert Mike Barwis, a local guy, but his unique system of never before seen tough-love training is built around science, a faith in God and the power of the human spirit. Barwis, the central character in Discovery's new series American Muscle, hails from Northeast Philadelphia. He holds advanced degrees in Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training and has trained over 500 Olympic and professional athletes in over 40 sporting events. Barwis worked at West Virginia University for 14 years. He was appointed the Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic sports in 2000, during which time he supervised all the University's sports programs. Barwis then spent three more years at the University of Michigan in a similar role. He is the founder of Barwis Methods Training Center in Plymouth, MI, and also provided the scientific insight and design for weight training equipment conceived and produced here in the Philadelphia region.

The Barwis Method Maxout Tower (dubbed BMMT) uses brackets and cables to connect to nearly any piece of commercially available, free weight or selectorized strength training equipment as a bolt-on aftermarket kit. It enables equipment to deliver a safe and precise overload during the resistance (or eccentric) phase of the weight lifting motion. As an example, the resistance (eccentric) phase of a bench press is the controlled lowering of the barbell, not the explosive upward (concentric) thrust. This revolutionary effect on muscles is unique to BMMT. Since the weight is heavier eccentrically than concentrically, muscles gain strength more quickly and naturally.

The BMMT system is the product of the combined efforts of Barwis and two local businessmen. Co-owners Jason Griggs and Matt Cubbler, along with Barwis, believe the BMMT system is a huge leap forward in the fitness field. In addition to muscle-building applications, the full range of medical and rehabilitative uses of the BMMT is currently being investigated as well.

Griggs and Cubbler founded Maxout Strength Systems in Limerick in 2009. It was during this period that Lou Tilley Media began their media partnership with the owners. Their business took a dramatic turn when they met and teamed with Barwis. "We knew we had a device that did something incredible for the body in the areas of strength development; it wasn't until we met Mike did we truly understand just how unique the tower was," Griggs said. "It was Mike who educated us on the full range of dynamic uses for what was once just the Tower which is now becoming known as the Barwis Methods Maxout Tower," added Cubbler. Since then, the three have collaborated on improvements to the BMMT. It is an irreplaceable tool in the Maxout- related ventures, as well as in Barwis's own Barwis Methods Training Center businesses.

Griggs, a long time commercial real estate developer and entrepreneur, originally teamed up with Cubbler, a 21 year veteran Montgomery County police officer, in the business "adventure" 5 years ago. They have battled together (and sometimes with each other) through all the challenges of a startup business. As such, the premier of American Muscle will be a night of celebration.

"We play a very small role in what Mike does for people. He is blessed with a gift and a passion and he is on a mission to positively impact the lives of those he encounters. I feel the same passion. Real estate development work is okay but playing a role in helping others achieve their goals; now that's something I can do for the rest of my life!" says Griggs.

Often, the road to small business success is a story of survival and adjusting on the fly. Maxout fits that description to a tee. Adjusting on the fly and survival are trademarks of 43-year-old Cubbler as well, who was also a US Federal Air Marshall after 9/11. A "cop of all trades," Matt Cubbler has led a varied life in the world of personal security and is an expert in the elite Israeli form of self-defense known as Krav Maga. "This, however, has been the most demanding challenge of my life," says Cubbler, who often works double shifts on the local police force to help fund his dream of Maxout on a national scale.

The tall, fit husband and father of two attests, "I have no doubt that the strength I have gained through Maxout training has helped me to battle past the obstacles we have faced."

American Muscle is produced for Discovery Channel by Funny or Die, with executive producers Christopher Farah, Mike Farah and Rebecca Mayer, and co-executive producers Anna Wenger and Joe Ferrell. For Discovery Channel, executive producers are Craig Coffman and Sean Boyle.

To learn more about their revolutionary approach to fitness and rehabilitation, Jason and Matt are available for interviews live in studio, or on location at the local office of Maxout Strength Systems, LLC, Located at 519 Main Street, Suite C, Royersford, Pa 19468.

For more information, visit http://www.maxoutstrengthsystems.com or contact Jason Griggs at 610-213-5413 or Jason@maxoutcorp.com. Matt Cubbler is also available for contact at 610-960-1187 or Matt@maxoutcorp.com.

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