DynaVox, a Tobii Technology Company, Announces the Release of PODD Pagesets for All Current Versions of DynaVox Compass.

PITTSBURGH, July 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DynaVox Systems, LLC, the leading provider of speech-generating solutions and symbol-adapted special education software that assists individuals with overcoming their speech, language and learning challenges, is proud to announce the much anticipated release of Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) pagesets for DynaVox Compass.

Created by Australian speech pathologist, Gayle Porter, PODD is a way of organizing whole word and symbol vocabulary to provide immersion and modeling as well as a means to express a range of messages in a variety of environments. PODD for DynaVox Compass provides multiple options to suit the communication, language, sensory and physical access requirements of different individuals. PODD is available for both the DynaVox T10 and the DynaVox Compass App.

"PODD pagesets on the DynaVox software and devices have been developed with and used by children, teens, adults, their families, teachers, friends and therapists over the past 15 years," said Porter. "I am now really excited to partner with DynaVox to make some of PODD pagesets available on their new T10 and Compass App so that other people who want to use the total, integrated PODD system can more easily access it."

The DynaVox Compass communication software is the industry standard for augmentative communication software, building on DynaVox's proud legacy of proven, research-based, and clinician-developed communication content designed to help individuals grow, learn, and achieve their goals. The DynaVox Compass App offers similar powerful software for individuals seeking communication solutions on their own personal iPad or other general-purpose tablet device.

"No other software, for any platform, better supports those with communication challenges through all of the changes that life brings, whether those changes involve the excitement of first learning to express oneself through language or the difficult realities of coping with a degenerative neurological condition," said Bob Cunningham, Chief Strategy and Clinical Officer of DynaVox Systems, LLC. "DynaVox Compass provides clinically proven solutions for whatever journey you are on."

Both the DynaVox T10 tablet and the DynaVox Compass App use the power of cloud computing, providing an individual and their entire support team the ability to work collaboratively to seamlessly share communication pages, find lesson plans, watch videos, read research reviews and share practical ideas for using their new DynaVox solution. In addition, users of these cloud services will have the piece of mind of knowing all their configuration settings, individual pagesets, files, etc. are stored in a secure, hardened, high-availability environment should their DynaVox or other tablet be lost, stolen or damaged, or otherwise need to be replaced.

To learn more about PODD pagesets, and how to purchase, please visit myDynaVox.com.

CONTACT: Robert Cunningham Chief Strategy and Clinical Officer 412-222-7877Source:DynaVox Inc.