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CHICAGO, July 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Directors today are squeezed between historically high levels of scrutiny and increased demand for organizational value. Only boards with a steadfast dedication to excellence and continuous improvement will be prepared to meet this challenge. In the boardroom, that commitment translates to using best practices in the selection and development of individual members and periodic reviews of overall composition and competencies. This constant attention to detail is the key to delivering value that propels exceptional organizational results.

To reflect the importance of an effective board working in close partnership with an aligned chief executive, RHR International has rebranded its CEO Succession & Transition service area as Board and CEO Services.

"The name of the service offering has been updated to more accurately reflect RHR's depth of service for both directors and chief executives," said Thomas J. Saporito, Chairman & CEO of RHR International. "But it is important to remember that we have been helping both groups achieve high levels of performance for nearly 70 years."

Dr. Paul C. Winum, a senior partner at RHR International, has been named Global Practice Leader for the newly named service. "The quality of the board's contribution is significantly impacted by the dynamics and the quality of the dialogue in the board room," he said. "Our goal is to optimize board and CEO functioning, to the benefit of all stakeholders."

To achieve this, RHR International will focus on optimizing three vital areas:

  • Board & Director Evaluation
  • CEO Performance Service
  • CEO Succession and Transition

As co-authors of the popular business book, "Inside CEO Succession: The Essential Guide to Leadership Transition," Drs. Saporito and Winum will continue to lend their expertise to this aspect of the service.

For more information, please visit the Board and CEO Services page on our website or contact us at 312-924-0885.


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