The Importance Of Selecting The Right EHR Partner: An Electronic Health Record Return-On-Investment Analysis


GETTYSBURG, Pa., July 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Implementing an electronic health record (EHR) solution can be a challenging experience for many behavioral health provider organizations. Once implementation is complete, it is vital that health care provider organizations evaluate whether their EHR partner and solution are meeting all their needs or if the system is costing the organization valuable time and money.

OPEN MINDS, the premier market intelligence and management support firm specializing in the sectors of the health and human service field serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs, and Core Solutions, Inc. (Core), the progressive leader in integrated behavioral health electronic health record (EHR) technology, have collaborated to create a white paper and cost estimation model for analyzing the challenges and costs associated with retaining an electronic health record system that isn't meeting the needs of a behavioral health organization.

"Along with assessing the costs and benefits of an EHR solution, behavioral health provider organizations should examine whether the partnership with their EHR vendor is meeting all their needs," said Joseph Naughton-Travers, Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS. "A successful partnership with an EHR vendor must be highly collaborative to maximize the capacity of available technology to support your operations and clinical service delivery, which is why we are hosting this special online web briefing to inform provider organizations of the importance of selecting the right EHR partner."

An executive web briefing based on the white paper research will be held on Thursday, July 31st at 2:00 PM EDT, which will be presented by Joseph Naughton-Travers, Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS. This executive web briefing will discuss the major findings of the research, as well as provide a preview of the cost estimate model. To learn more about this executive web briefing, or take advantage of free online registration, please visit:

At its conclusion, all registrants will receive (at no charge) a recording of the webinar, an electronic copy of the presentation, and a copy of the white paper.

"With the right EHR partner, implementing an effective EHR solution has the potential to increase productivity, improve the quality of services, and ultimately, increase revenue," said Ravi Ganesan, President of Core Solutions. "This white paper and cost model provide health care provider organizations with the information and tools to examine their costs and evaluate whether they are maximizing their return-on-investment."


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