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Food fads that faded before Crumbs

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Food fads that faded before Crumbs

As the cupcake bakery chain Crumbs shutters stores and crumbles, we look at several food fads that have come and gone, and even a few hot newcomers that could fade away in the future, according to one analyst.

Several foods trends have risen and fallen in recent decades, taking once popular brands along the rocky ride with them. Most of them have been those that are geared toward indulgence and snacking, says Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic, a food and restaurant industry research firm. Many products on this list have inspired cult-like devotion among consumers, or skyrocketed in sales in the midst of a fad.

But there are certain common factors that tend to lead to their downfall, Tristano said. Price is one: many faddish food chains tend to sell their wares at prices higher than those you would find at your local supermarket. Many of these companies have also been hit by growing health concerns. And customers—especially younger ones—are constantly seeking "what's new and what's next," Tristano said.

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Posted 9 July 2014

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