Propel SSP(TM) Proppant Transport Technology Excels in Field Trials

Propel SSP Proppant Transport Technology

SUGAR LAND, Texas, July 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Santrol, a Fairmount Minerals company, announced today Chesapeake Energy, the 11th largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids in the US, described Propel SSP proppant transport technology "a technical success" following seven field trials. Chesapeake Energy presented the conclusion June 10 at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Horizontal Well Completions in North American Unconventionals Workshop.

Propel SSP proppant transport technology remains suspended in the fracturing fluid, moving easily along laterals for distribution to the fracture tip. This technology eliminates the piling up or duning of sand that pinches off productive intervals.

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Josh Jackson, manager, Completions Technology for Chesapeake Energy, explained at the workshop Propel SSP technology "performed as advertised" with simplified fluid chemistry.

"The suspended proppant, which performed with reduced or eliminated gel and friction reducer, was a technical success," Jackson said.

The seven field trials occurred in the Eagle Ford formation, Marcellus formation, Mississippian Lime, and Utica formation. Marcellus and Utica production results are pending. Four-month Eagle Ford results showed a slight production increase with 7% less proppant. Mississippian Lime production increased 25% to date. Additional trials will be performed to verify results.

Significantly, the technology was not affected by harsh environments. Utica formation tests in the snow and rain confirmed there were no issues with Propel SSP technology setting up before pumping. These tests verify moisture resistance until the proppant reaches the blender. In future testing for all formations, Chesapeake Energy recommends due diligence concerning proppant transfer and storage, water quality, and breaker scheduling to ensure enhanced proppant placement.

Propel SSP proppant transport technology is a new proppant category in which a polymer, wrapped around sand or ceramic, swells upon contact with water. The shear-stable polymer suspends the proppant in water, transporting each grain farther and higher into fractures. Polymer breaking occurs with conventional chemistry. This better transport expands the hydrocarbon drainage radius with a maximized propped fracture area to increase ultimate recovery.

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