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ATLANTA, July 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today announced that PSI Network, Inc., a premier Master Agent Group in the telecommunications and IT marketplace, has joined Convey Engage, the new online agent engagement program platform designed to bridge the communications gap between vendor partners and the agent community. Convey Engage is a cloud-based solution that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events provided directly from vendors and suppliers to their agents and distributors.

"At PSI, we are aggressively working to take advantage of new technologies that help us become a more innovative and cutting-edge master agent program," said Tom Sprinkle, Vice President of Sales for PSI Network. "The PSI Knowledgebase, powered by Convey Engage, consolidates all of our vendor content, training, promotions and events into a single location, making it convenient and easy for the PSI agent community to access and use."

Convey Services assumes total management for the PSI Knowledgebase on the Convey Engage platform. This includes onboarding and training of vendors, ensuring that content is current and educational, and that agents are stimulated to explore the site regularly. Vendors have control of posting information on their individual catalogs and can gain additional visibility through banner ads, featured content and events on the home page.

"As a master agent in the telecom and IT market, we struggle with managing an expanding number of vendor relationships," Sprinkle added. "Convey is providing a valuable service that addresses a significant problem that PSI and most master agents have, that is keeping a handle on current information, and getting it into the hands of our agents so they can generate revenue. The vast majority of our vendor partners support our Convey Engage platform, are enthusiastic about their opportunities, and are adding great content everyday."

"Convey Engage is a total program for agent engagement, offering the master agent a customized technology portal, vendor management, and agent marketing," said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services. "Convey Engage is provided at no cost to the master agent. Each vendor pays a small monthly fee to host a catalog of their product offerings and training. Vendors with more than one master agent relationship can manage catalogs on a Convey Engage hub site and have that content duplicated on all master agent sponsored sites they are subscribed to."

About PSI-Network

PSI Network, Inc. is a full-service, boutique Master Agency in Mission Viejo, California and stands apart from its competition in its history, tradition, focus, service and experience. PSI believes in simplifying the technology buying experience and that every business decision is made based upon making or saving money. By focusing on price, precise implementation, ongoing support and relentless follow up, PSI improves the customer experience without increasing cost.

About Convey Engage and Convey Services

Convey Engage is a cloud-based Partner Management Platform that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events to improve communication between manufacturers and vendors and their distributors and brokers. It allows suppliers to easily engage channel resellers with up-to-date product information and training by hosting product content and events from multiple vendors on a single managed site. Convey Engage keeps distributors and brokers better informed to improve product sales and customer support. Convey is feature-rich, easy-to-use, and customizable. Individual sites come online quickly, without IT support.

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