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Twitter keeps Brazil's World Cup wound wide open

Brazil's World Cup loss sparks 35.6 million tweets
Brazil's World Cup loss sparks 35.6 million tweets

Brazil is a nation in mourning today, following its embarrassing 7-1 defeat to Germany in the World Cup semi-final.

While it is a match many fans would like to forget, the reaction on Twitter is not only keeping the wound open, but pouring a little salt into it too.

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35.6 million tweets flooded in, setting a new record for the number of posts during a telecast for any sports game ever on Twitter. The match provided perfect fodder for everyone – from casual followers to celebrities and sports superstars.

A dejected David Luiz of Brazil after the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Semi Final match between Brazil and Germany on July 8, 2014 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Jean Catuffe | Getty Images

Even the official ball of the World Cup was at a loss for words:


You've seen the match highlights, but here are the Twitter highlights:

This photoshopped tweet of different stages of the 2014 World Cup logo.

Brazil as the game went on.. |

One fan decided to use both country's national flags to make his point ....

Germany eat Brazil like Shark Attack #GERvsBRA #WorldCup2014

Staying with flags, here's what some people think Brazil's new flag should look like

Brazil's new flag...

There were a lot of photoshopped pictures of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, including this one which was probably sent out mid-match.

Christ the Redeemer reflects on the game.

At the end of the match though, this was what the jokers on Twitter came up with...

#Jesus wept.. #BraGer #BrazilvsGermany #BRAvsGER #ThingMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup #WorldCup2014

And author whose game of thrones is known for its violence couldn't resist getting in on the action, tweeting:

Spoiler Alert! I wrote the script for this world cup game.