Fired, rehired and weighing options: WA pot smoker

First 'Evergreen State' pot buyer fired, rehired ... sort of

The Washington man who was fired after becoming one of the first people to buy legal recreational marijuana in the state got his job back—if he chooses to take it. Either way, Michael Boyer said he understands why he got canned.

"I don't blame them at all," Boyer said in an interview with CNBC's "Closing Bell."

"They had to do what they had to do to protect themselves."

The 30-year-old became the first person to buy legal pot in Spokane after waiting in line for 19 hours.

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"It was a very historic day. I just wanted to make sure to be a part of it," he said.

Dan Pelle | The Spokesman-Review | AP Photo

After he lit up on camera, one of his employers, TrueBlue Labor Ready, told him he needed to submit to drug testing.

"They said that some of the customers had seen me and called the company and said I had 24 hours to come down to submit to a urinalysis test."

However, it turns out Boyer's firing was all a misunderstanding.

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"We were not aware that he had taken the day off. He was scheduled to work, we saw him on TV that he was under the influence, and that caused us to start a process of screening," TrueBlue's vice president of communications, Stacey Burke, . "When we realized that he was not on assignment, we reinstated him. ... Pot is legal, and we know that."

He was also let go from a second job as a security guard. However, Boyer told NBC News it was not related to legal pot sales, but instead dealt with regulations surrounding his guard card.

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Despite being offered his old job back at TrueBlue, Boyer said he hasn't made up his mind if he'll return.

"If I can't something else I will go back on Monday," Boyer said. "Maybe [I'll] keep my eyes open for a new career too."

—By CNBC's Michelle Fox. NBC News contributed to this report.