Tumble free: Balancing bike keeping kids straight

It may be worth turning away from old-fashion training wheels as learning to ride a bicycle comes with high-tech assistance these days.

The Jyrobike is aimed at preventing tumbles. The 12- or 16-inch auto-balance bike for kids ages 3 to 8, has a battery-powered control hub built into the front wheel to generate stabilization, said Robert Bodill, CEO and co-founder of Jyrobike. When the control hub is turned on, it acts like a gyroscope and provides a stabilizing force, he said.

If consumers don't want to purchase the Jyrobike, which is priced at $249 or $299 depending on the size, the control hub can be purchased separately for $129 for any 12-inch or for $149 for any 16-inch bicycle.

"The control hub wheel includes adjustable balance settings, a Micro USB and a volume button for the Mega Sound feature, a 105dB speaker that has a choice of three awesome sound effects," Bodill said.

Source: Jyrobike

Parents can also purchase the Jyrobike wireless controller for an additional $39, which gives them the ability to control the control hub for their child from about 150 yards away.

During its Kickstarter campaign, Jyrobike found that the range of learning how to ride a bike is quite vast.

"For example, children with disabilities take a little longer to learn how to ride so we are now looking to add a fourth gear to the bike that will cover stability even more," Bodill noted. "Just through the feedback we got from our Kickstarter campaign we also found that parents prefer a mobile app to wirelessly control the hub and to keep tabs on their child's learning progress," he added.

Jyrobike is now available for pre-order but expected to ship to buyers in early 2015. A mobile app and a Jyrobike edition for adults are also in development and expected to be released in early 2015, according to the company.

By CNBC's Erika Santoro