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Delivering Alpha: Many more hits than misses


In investing, you win some and you lose some.

But for most of the panelists at "Delivering Alpha" over the years, there have been a lot more in the "W" column than the "L." This year's conference, presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor, begins Wednesday.

Whether it was Leon Cooperman's Apple call in 2011, Andrew Feldstein's Sallie Mae pick in 2012, or Chris Hohn's Airbus home run in 2013, investors have benefited by following attendees at the conference.

Yes, there's been the occasional Freddie Mac (2011 by J. Tomilson Hill), pound/dollar short (2012 from Kathleen Kelly) or THL Credit, (yes, from the normally infallible Cooperman).

But for the most part, the calls have been stellar and the opportunities plenty.

Check out the chart below for a look at just how good the calls have been heading into the conference's fourth year.

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