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A Kickstarter to success

Since its founding in 2009, crowdfunding site Kickstarter has shown that Internet users will throw money at just about anything. From next-generation technology to potato salad, the most successful crowdfunding projects share some common threads.

The site's most lucrative projects have engaged donors with innovative video and "compelling and valuable" rewards, said Justin Kazmark, a Kickstarter spokesman. If the perks offered by a project are truly enticing, donors will be more receptive to the idea.

Users can set a funding period of one to 60 days on the site. The purpose of projects vary between "small and big and whimsical and innovative," he said.

Some of the more ambitious projects have managed to rack up millions of dollars in only a month. Sharing, whether through social media or word of mouth, has also contributed to some of Kickstarter's greatest success stories.

Scroll through to view what Kickstarter says are the 10 most lucrative projects in the site's history.

— By Jacob Pramuk, special to
Posted 12 July 2014

Source: Kickstarter