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Which tech company has the hottest employees?


What tech company has the most attractive employees? That would be Amazon, according to social networking site Hinge.

The company—a dating app for young professionals—tallied the number of times users "swiped right" on another's profile (indicating interest), and found that among tech companies, Amazon's employees were the most sought after, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

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Workers at the retail-and-cloud giant had their profiles "swiped right" 14.2 percent more than the average Hinge profile, according to the report.

Workers at Microsoft (8.2 percent above average), Google (7.2 percent), and Facebook (2.3 percent) also did well.

Who fared worst? That would be employees at Apple, whose profiles were swiped 0.2 percent less than the average.

Read the full story in the WSJ.

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