Lyris Unveils Digital Marketing Applications That Showcase the Power and Flexibility of Its Customer Communications Platform

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lyris, Inc. (OTCBB:LYRI) today announced the first set in a series of mini applications that exemplify how its open platform empowers marketers to extend and connect Lyris capabilities across the enterprise to improve the customer experience. The new applications – which provide powerful data integration, engagement analytics, and email sender reputation monitoring capabilities – were developed using Lyris' componentized cloud platform. Based on open standards, Lyris' digital messaging platform establishes a new paradigm for the rapid configuration of purpose-built solutions that deliver on the promise of connected customer communications.

According to many studies, including a recent report from Econsultancy, marketers continue to rate the integration of digital channels, such as email, as a top challenge. Addressing this challenge requires a new application delivery approach that makes it easier for marketers to connect data and messaging across every existing and future channel. Given today's channel convergence and rapid pace of innovation, it is increasingly difficult for any single "marketing cloud" suite to satisfy every business' unique needs and remain competitive in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Lyris' best-of-breed solution delivery approach empowers marketers with the flexibility to choose, configure, and swap out application components with preferred alternatives, whether these are built by Lyris, other technology vendors, or themselves. This is a departure from the traditional closed application suites, or 'marketplaces' of hard-coded applications that are difficult to customize to evolving business needs. The easier it is for organizations to interconnect and tailor their marketing technologies, the better they can enable value-based customer experiences. And as new digital offerings emerge, these can be synergized into the cross-channel application ecosystem.

The Lyris platform also makes it faster and easier for marketers to integrate Lyris with thousands of other marketing technologies to create a single view of the customer. By protecting and extending the value of existing systems and data assets, Lyris enables marketers to orchestrate meaningful customer experiences across every touch point without being forced into a single vendor's "walled garden."

"The ability to quickly create great experiences is what distinguishes great marketing. These new applications deliver targeted value to our customers, and also provide inspiration for Lyris users to engage in their own configuration of applications tailored to their unique business needs," said John Philpin, CEO of Lyris. "Marketers no longer need to be restricted by applications that a vendor chooses to build and deliver. Now, the only limitation is their imagination."

The mini applications include:

  • Lyris Data Mapper - a flexible and highly configurable console designed to connect rich customer data and marketing intelligence between Lyris and third-party cloud sales and marketing systems, including Salesforce.
  • Lyris Reputation Monitor - an advanced charting user interface that graphically represents Lyris' proprietary mail score and helps marketers to manage email reputation based on fact and insight. Reputation Monitor further enhances the workflow-integrated capabilities of Lyris' advanced email delivery management console.
  • Lyris Advanced Engagement Analytics - a set of automatically-generated insights that augment customer profile information with additional data derived from email interactions, including geo-location and mobile usage metrics.

"Instead of the old enterprise software approach of custom-fabricated applications that leave all the power in vendors' development teams, Lyris is democratizing access to partners and customers with its open and flexible solutions framework. This helps us seize the opportunity to innovate faster and optimize for customer value in every interaction in a multi-channeled approach," said TC Yee, managing director at The Computer Department. "The Computer Department has been building 'mini mobile apps' along the same framework working together with the Lyris team. Using Lyris Technologies, The Computer Department has harnessed the technology to power the world's first, award winning gift sharing social networking app, 'MyShout'."

"The easier you make it for me to plug in other marketing applications and get synergies between them, the happier I am," says Scott Brinker, editor of Chief Marketing Technologist Blog. "I may love your campaign management capabilities, but not your social media management features. That doesn't have to be an existential crisis for either of us though, if I have the ability to keep one and substitute the other. If some hot new digital service emerges — such as marketing with VR and wearables — and you don't support it yet, I don't have to angrily hound you on the phone, email, and every social network I can grumble on for 16 months. I can turn to an innovative start-up that can plug into your APIs, and I end up lauding you for your amazing flexibility."


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