Adapt IP Ventures Retained to Monetize Patents Related to Forming Virtual Networks and Consumer Electronics Device Management

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RALEIGH, N.C., July 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TP Lab recently retained patent brokerage firm, Adapt IP Ventures, to sell four patents relating to remotely forming virtual networks and remotely activating/configuring consumer electronics devices. All interested parties should contact Adapt IP Ventures to request additional information about the offering.

Key characteristics of the patent portfolio include:

  • 4 Patents, 3 Patent Families
    • US 7,986,638 - Method to Dynamically Create a Virtual Network
    • US 7,733,802 - Method to Dynamically Create a Virtual Network
    • US 7,631,063 - Operating and Managing Network Application on a Consumer Network Device using a Control Console incorporated into the Consumer Network Device
    • US 7,734,767 - Method of One Key Test Function in a Consumer Network Device
  • 2005 priority date for each of the patent assets

By leveraging three decades of engineering and managerial experience at companies such as Cisco, Amber Networks, Nokia, and Unisys, TP Lab's founder and primary inventor Chi Fai Ho, Ph.D. naturally became an expert in developing forward-looking and bottom-line driven networking, mobile, and consumer device solutions. To date, Dr. Ho is an inventor of over 100 issued US patents, 56 of which have been developed at his Palo Alto based invention development firm, TP Lab.

With over 15 years left until expiration, the TP Lab patents available for acquisition represent technically feasible and commercially viable assets. Vice President of Adapt IP Ventures, Brian Bochicco, states, "As far as the '063 and '767 patents, the more consumer electronics devices and appliances become 'connected,' the more network-based management of said consumer electronics devices and appliances becomes attractive to the end users. In respect to the '638 and '802 patents, the emerging popularity of Software-Defined Networking approaches signal the importance of TP Lab's patents within the context of creating 'on demand' virtual networks."

Companies interested in obtaining more information about the TP Lab patent portfolio should contact Brian Bochicco or Grant Moss, both of Adapt IP Ventures, by email at /

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TP Lab, Inc. is a technology development firm with over 80 patent applications and over 50 issued US patents. TP Lab focuses on creating consumer-facing technologies, collectively focusing on Internet-telecommunication convergence, Web-oriented personal communication, and consumer digital media.

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