FDA Confirms Sperm and Testosterone Endpoints as Key Parameters for Assessment of Androxal(R) Versus Approved Topical Gel and Placebo

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  • Schedule for study completion remains unaffected
  • Company anticipates submission of NDA by year end 2014

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, July 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Repros Therapeutics Inc.® (Nasdaq:RPRX) today announced it has received additional guidance from the FDA regarding primary endpoints for the two studies, ZA-304 and ZA-305, that it is currently conducting comparing Androxal® to the leading approved testosterone gel and placebo. The FDA proposed three co-primary endpoints:

  • Percentage change from baseline in sperm concentration comparing Androxal® to the leading U.S. testosterone replacement therapy;
  • Proportion of men obtaining a testosterone in the normal range; and
  • Percentage of men that exhibit sperm ≥ 10 million/mL at the end of 16 weeks of dosing and testosterone in the normal range, comparing Androxal® to a testosterone gel as well as comparing Androxal® to placebo.

The primary endpoints and statistical analysis plan outlined for ZA-304 and ZA-305 below are being modified to comply with the FDA suggestions. The Company believes the two studies are adequately powered to meet these endpoints.

About ZA-304 & ZA-305

Each study is designed to enroll 120 men, 40 each into three parallel arms: Androxal®, approved topical gel and placebo. All three arms are blinded and "double dummied," meaning men will receive both an active dose and a placebo mimicking the other active. Men on placebo will receive two placebos, one for each active. The studies will be of 17 week duration, 16 weeks dosing and 1 week follow-up.

Men (≤ 60 years of age) enrolled in the studies must exhibit sperm counts in the normal range at baseline (> 15 million/mL) on two separate days separated by at least two days. Men also must exhibit morning testosterones of < 300 ng/dL on both of those days to be eligible to enter each study.

A variety of different efficacy and safety comparisons will also be made. These include excursions of testosterone outside of the normal range as well as impact on testosterone levels after study drug is stopped. Safety assessments will include impact on hematocrit, an important cardiovascular safety marker.

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