Foresight Research Announces a Fresh Look at Digital Marketing and Auto Purchase Influence

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ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., July 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Foresight Research announced publication of the Digital Immersion Report™, a fresh new look at new auto purchasers and how they are influenced by digital marketing.

"The Digital Immersion Report™ is exciting for a number of reasons," said Nancy Walter, VP Business Development for Foresight, "first and foremost, there is nothing like being able to bypass proxies like 'clicks' and 'likes' to get straight to influence on purchase. That in itself is a sort of marketer's dream.

"This report has so much other actionable information, for example the reasons that buyers go online in their auto purchase; how they use official brand websites; what actions they take, and if and how they report observing ad messages online. We found that 86% of new auto buyers who were influenced by digital marketing, were influenced by their brand's official website. That is serious validation of the scope and value of the brand website."

"This is a substantial report covering a lot of ground. We measured mobile influence broken out by phone and tablet, and social media influence compared to search and general auto websites. As an example, we found that all digitally-influenced buyers give auto advice to an average of 4 other people, while those who use tablets and phones talked to 6.4 and 7.1 other people, respectively."

"We also peer into the future in a couple of really intriguing areas this year for the first time," Walter said. "One was how buyers accessed the channel that influenced their auto purchase. So if they said they were influenced by magazine ads, we asked if they saw that magazine ad online or in print. We were able to do that with five marketing channels for interesting results. Another area that is new this year is a group of questions that asks buyers how they might want their dealer experience to be in the future. Several of those futuristic scenarios focus on online information, negotiations, and buying to give a rich picture of the breadth of digital possibilities within auto marketing."

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