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Google likely trillion dollar company: Tech pro

Jim Breyer and Shana Fisher (right) talk with Kara Swisher
David A. Grogan | CNBC

Google has the potential to hit a trillion-dollar market cap in the next 10 years, according to one technology investing leader.

Jim Breyer, founder and CEO at Breyer Capital and a partner in Accel Partners, expects the search engine giant to join Facebook in gobbling up smaller companies and continuing to grow rapidly.

"The environment we're in now is probably the most interesting seismic change relative to the new companies that will be Internet leaders," Breyer said Wednesday at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor. "The froth in some of the venture capital consumer Internet companies without business models—if they're not being bought by Google or Facebook, they're going out of business."

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The rise of the first trillion-dollar companies was one of a handful of big ideas entertained during a tech-focused panel that also featured Shana Fisher of High Line Venture Partners. Fisher was an early partner in video-sharing site Vine.

She said companies that can make it easier to make videos will do well.

"The technology limitations just dealing with getting something from your phone to the server is still a difficult hurdle," Fisher said. "The sky's the limit for video."

Breyer also predicted big things for digital currencies.

He said the leader in the field may not end up being bitcoin, which is the most prominent name now but has faced price volatility, theft and scandal over the past year. Other providers will emerge.

"I have zero doubt in the next five to seven years that we will see at least half a dozen multibillion dollar digital currency companies," he said.

—By CNBC's Jeff Cox

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