Alcohol proof: German police look for beer thieves

Frederick Florin | AFP | Getty Images

While Germany drank to the success of its World Cup-winning team this weekend, a group of thieves managed to make off with 10 truck-loads of beer from a depot in Krefield, northern Germany.

While a drop in the bucket compared with Germany's weekend consumption, police have soberly asked for any witnesses who have seen "a large amount of beer" to come forward.

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The thieves broke into a beer storage facility on Thursday through an unguarded gate and proceeded to load pallets of beer into trucks, the police have said in a statement, which has been translated from German.

The pallets were then driven to another location, believed to be in nearby Duisburg, where they were unloaded, before the thieves returned to load more pallets.

Police were also looking for any possible storage areas for the beer, although hopes of finding the beer are fast fading, police are not yet calling time on the investigation.