Insurance for teen drivers? Prepare to pay more

You did what to the car?!

Drivers under the age of 20 are three times more likely to get into a fatal accident, not to mention their risk for fender benders and other crashes. As a result, parents who add a kid to their insurance policies can expect to see a big increase in premiums.

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The insurance bill for the typical married couple will jump an average 79 percent when a teen driver is added, according to a new study by And for those young motorists who have a poor driving record, premiums could well more than double.

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The younger the driver, the more insurance rates will rise. And boys will be more costly than girls.

The penalty is stiffest in New Hampshire, noted the report, at an average 111 percent. Six other states will see premiums double: Rhode Island, Maine, Wyoming, Connecticut, Illinois and Oregon.

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At the other end, the lowest penalty is in Hawaii, which sees an average 17 percent teen premium hike. New York state is second lowest, at 53 percent, followed by Michigan, Montana and New Mexico.

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