BONDUELLE: Fire at the Bonduelle plant in Tecumseh (Ontario - Canada)

VILLENEUVE, France, July 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Overnight on July 17 - 18, a fire was reported in the Bonduelle plant in Tecumseh. Fortunately there are no fatalities or injuries reported. The cause of the incident is as of yet undetermined, and an investigation is planned.

Property damage is considerable, and it is probable that it will be very difficult for the plant to operate for the current production campaign. The delays and production relaunch plans will only be able to be determined after detailed examination of the damage to the plant.

All of the Bonduelle Group's plants are insured to cover property damage and production losses, which should limit the impact of this incident.

Tecumseh Plant

The Tecumseh plant is located in Ontario, and produces nearly 30,000 metric tons (33,069 tons, US) of frozen goods and 20,000 metric tons (22,046 tons, US) of canned goods, mostly for its customer Green Giant, for whom Bonduelle is the exclusive supplier in Canada.

The site also plays a large role in product packaging and shipping.

The plant has 150 employees on permanent contracts, and 700 seasonal employees, and 110 farmers provide their goods to the plant, farming 7,000 hectares (17,297 acres) of farmland.

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