PCM Improves Customer Experience and Conversions Using Yottaa Engagement Optimization Platform

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BOSTON, July 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After seeing a dramatic improvement in website performance and conversion rates over the past year, PCM (formerly PC Mall) (Nasdaq:PCMI) has renewed its contract with cloud-based engagement optimization software provider Yottaa.

The technology solutions provider, which had more than $1.4 billion in revenue in 2013, has seen significant improvement in web page time to display and in time to start render since implementing Yottaa's platform. PCM achieved not only improved web and mobile performance but also saw page views and time on site go up.

As a result, PCM has seen smoother site performance and better customer experience especially on high-volume sales days such as Black Friday.

"A superior customer experience is essential in today's e-commerce world, and traditional technologies such as CDNs don't cut it anymore," said Dmitry Rapoport, Senior Vice President of Technology for PCM. "We needed a solution that goes beyond CDN technologies by enabling us to control, optimize and automate the way sophisticated content is rendered and delivered, both in terms of sequencing and based on what device the customer is using. Of the vendors we considered, only Yottaa could deliver these capabilities along with enterprise-class security, reliability, and e-commerce and technical expertise required by a retailer of our size."

While using traditional CDN solutions, PCM realized a limit on website speed and performance. Yottaa's patented solutions – including experience acceleration, application sequencing, security monitoring, and integrated business and IT analytics – immediately improved the quality of the customer experience.

Soon after the platform was implemented, Yottaa handled PCM's biggest sales day ever on Black Friday last year. Yottaa gave PCM the ability to add rich marketing content and features that drive user engagement and sales while still meeting stringent performance and security requirements.

"We want to engage our customers online with a compelling experience that requires rich content and flawless web performance. This is very difficult to accomplish when customers are coming from different devices, browsers, locations and connection speeds," said Tony Layug, Vice President of Marketing and Design at PCM. "Yottaa gave both marketing and IT the ability to manage these variables – something that was not possible before. With Yottaa, we have improved the quality of our customers' web and mobile experience while meeting the security requirements for transacting global business."

With 15 patents, Yottaa's proprietary Context Intelligence architecture senses a user's location, browser, device, Internet connectivity and in-page interaction to sequence application content delivery and rendering. Using an integrated fabric of patented technologies, Yottaa manages, optimizes and secures digital content, and adds an industry-first technology called Application Sequencing. Application Sequencing enables businesses to add priority and order to page elements. When these capabilities are combined, the result is enhanced performance and a more dynamic, personalized level of engagement that directly translates to increased business performance.

"A better customer experience results in more business," said Yottaa co-founder Coach Wei. "We help e-commerce brands manage, optimize and protect the digital user experience to improve customer engagement and increase online and mobile sales."

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Yottaa is a cloud-based service built for eCommerce and IT professionals to manage, optimize and secure user experiences across the wide breadth of devices, browsers, geographies and bandwidth speeds that make managing todays site visitors experience a challenge. Yottaa's platform combines content delivery, front-end optimization technologies and layers in patented technology that provides a means to control how mobile and desktop sites render for any user, based on what device or browser they are using. In one service, that requires no code changes and implements in three days or less, Yottaa gives its customers instant control over the many thousands of components on their site, including the ability to determine when, how fast and in what circumstance each portion of each page should render. This level of control over how content renders, under what circumstances, enables Yottaa's customers to improve conversion rates by an average of 20% in less than four weeks. Companies around the world and of all sizes, including PCM (formerly PC Mall), Clarks Shoes, La Senza, Mothercare, and Yankee Retail trust Yottaa to ensure their web and mobile channels deliver a quality experience to site visitors. Visit www.yottaa.com to learn what Yottaa can do for your conversion rates.

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