Cramer’s rock solid recovery stock

They say those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. But if those people want to beef up their portfolios, Cramer says, they should gather a whole lot of rocks.

"I'm talking about Martin Marietta Materials, ticker MLM, the maker of aggregates for the infrastructure and construction industries. Basically, Martin Marietta is all about rocks; it makes asphalt and concrete and cement," Cramer said.

And although the "Mad Money" host has recommended playing the theme for a while, in the past he's said other stocks were preferable. "Last December, I told youthat Vulcan Materials and Cemex were my favorite ways to play this theme."

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That's changed. "Earlier this year Martin Marietta did something big that makes me want to re-rank this entire industry and put MLM right at the top."

Martin Marietta made a strategic acquisition that Cramer feels will be very accretive going forward; it bought Texas Industries, a maker of cement.

"Not only does this acquisition give Martin Marietta greater scale and many opportunities for cost cutting, but also, it gives the company a lot more exposure to the rapidly growing Texas market," Cramer said.

However, that's not the only reason Cramer is getting behind Martin Marietta. In addition, he said the industry itself is very cyclical and he believes now may be the perfect time to hold this kind of stock; right before the global economy really percolates. "That makes this the point in the cycle where you want to have an aggregates company in your portfolio," Cramer explained.

Also, Cramer said highway bill just made it through the House. "I bet it will easily pass the Senate before they go on recess in August." The funding should also generate significant business for Martin Marietta.

Because of the acquisition, the highway bill and a better economy, Cramer thinks the stock is a buy, buy, buy.

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"All that said, here's one major caveat. Martin Marietta reports next Monday. The last time the company reported at the end of April, it blew away the numbers and the stock roared higher. However, I'm not recommending this as a trade on the quarter, I like it as a long-term investment. So I suggest that you try to put on half of your position this week, and if Martin Marietta gets slammed for some reason after it reports next Monday, then use that weakness to buy more."

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