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GoPro is hot: Cramer

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Although Cramer believes a position in this stock is extremely speculative, he also says "those who buy the stock will probably get to reap the benefits of a truly explosive quarter."

Therefore, if you're thinking about establishing a position in GoPro, you probably shouldn't buy until you've come up with a strategy to sell.

In the near-term, despite the massive gain since its IPO, Cramer can see shares going even higher, largely due to the novelty and excitement surrounding these relatively small, point-of view, cameras.

With a popular model selling for about $199, Cramer believes the gadget is affordable enough to capture the imagination of more than big sport enthusiasts, who might mount a to a surfboard and then ride a wave to shore.

In fact, Cramer says he ordered one, himself, "so I can see through the eyes of Bug and Everest, my two dogs, a pug and a mutt. Why not? This stuff is as cool as all get out."

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Believing many people will share his enthusiasm for this kind of footage, the "Mad Money" host thinks sales growth could be substantial. "This company is transforming "from a camera for the selfie generation to a content enabler."

However, owning any stock is about more than sales. It also involves the P/E ratio, and in the case of GoPro, Cramer doesn't think the current 53 multiple will be sustainable over the long-run.

"Even Piper Jaffray (among the biggest GoPro bulls) admits that there could be competition coming down the line and the gross margins may not stay as high as they are right now," Cramer said. "And, I also don't know if many will buy more than one," suggesting sales could spike and then fall off significantly.

If sales ultimately decline, at some point in the future, Cramer thinks enthusiasm for the stock will decline too, and GoPro will selloff.

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In the near-term, however, Cramer thinks the path of least resistance should remain higher. "The first real speed bump could be when lockups expire and the insiders can sell, which is many months away. Until that time, I can see this one as a great trade into the quarter."

According to the Nasdaq, GoPro is expected to report earnings on 07/31/2014 after market close.

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