Verizon grants free upload capacity for residences

Getty Images

Verizon will offer residential customers enhanced speed to upload and share content, the telecom giant said on Monday, underscoring the growing importance of digital media.

Citing the increasing use of the Internet and cloud solutions to disseminate videos and pictures, Verizon said that new and existing FiOS clients "will receive upload speeds that match their download speeds, making it easier and faster to share." The speed boost will be free for current customers, it added.

Additionally, Verizon plans to allow certain residential customers higher upload, and make its FiOS network even faster without hiking prices on end users. The company will also make the upgrade to small business clients later this year, it added.

"Faster upload speeds means better sharing experiences," the company said in a press release. "As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, equal download and upload speeds will become essential."