CPS Energy's Commercial Energy Calculator From Apogee Helps Businesses Run the Numbers and Keep the Savings

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ATLANTA, July 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CPS Energy, the nation's largest municipally owned natural gas and electric company, has launched a new online energy calculator to help its business customers pinpoint ways to cut energy use and costs in their facilities. Energy efficiency and sustainability are top of mind for CPS Energy and its customers as San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the nation and the 4th fastest growing, according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report.*

Developed by Apogee Interactive, and featured on the CPS Energy Savers Program website (www.cpsenergysavers.com), the calculator is pre-programmed with key factors affecting a customer's energy bill such as local weather and the average CPS Energy price, along with the average profiles of 60 different business types.

Once the customer enters a few key characteristics about their facility using simple drop down menus and presses "submit," the calculator does all the analytical work. Within seconds, it displays bold summary graphics showing electric and fuel use by equipment, month and year. The customer simply clicks on "view report" to see the complete personalized energy use analysis for their facility.

Specific low-cost energy saving recommendations and longer-term investment recommendations are identified and quantified in dollars so businesses can evaluate the best course of action for their operations.

"For every dollar we help our business customers save, we help improve their bottom line and the strength of our local economy," said Dan Kahn, Program Administrator, Commercial Rebates at CPS Energy. "Businesses want to keep operating costs down to remain competitive and CPS Energy wants to reduce energy demand to help delay the need for new power plants," said Kahn. "It's a true win-win."

"Our partnership with CPS Energy began on the residential side, providing a full home energy calculator and various appliance, heating and cooling calculators," said Susan Gilbert, President and CEO of Apogee Interactive. "We're excited to bring Apogee's energy analysis engine to CPS Energy's business customers and help them find new savings opportunities," she said.

Founded in 1993, Apogee is the leading provider of energy analysis software and online customer engagement applications to electric and gas utilities across the country.

* U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division Report, May 2014

APOGEE Interactive, Inc. (www.apogee.net) is the leading provider of online energy analysis and customer engagement applications to 650 electric and gas utilities across the US, reaching more than 56 million customers. Since 1993, Apogee has pioneered electronic applications designed to increase a utility's customer engagement and consumers' energy efficiency. Today its predictive software consistently earns high marks for accuracy and ease of use. Clients include investor-owned, municipal and cooperative energy companies including Con Edison (ED), American Electric Power (AEP), Entergy (ETR), Southern Company (SO), NSTAR (NST), Salt River Project, Jackson EMC and Flint Energies.

CPS Energy (www.cpsenergy.com) is the nation's largest municipally owned natural gas and electric company, providing service to approximately 741,000 electric and 331,000 natural gas customers in the Greater San Antonio area. The company offers the lowest rates among the top 10 largest U.S. cities, while ranking number one in wind-energy capacity among municipally owned energy systems and number one in Texas for solar generation. The company has a goal to conserve 771 megawatts of energy by the year 2020 and offers a large variety of energy efficiency programs and rebates under the umbrella of its CPS Energy Savers Program.

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