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WILMINGTON, Del., July 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq:IDCC), a wireless research and development company, today provided an update on licensing activities related to infrastructure, including the creation of the Signal Trust for Wireless Innovation (the "Signal Trust"). Since the creation of the Signal Trust in October 2013, the company's infrastructure licensing efforts have resulted in signed agreements expected to deliver approximately $100 million in cash over the next nine years, with a substantial portion of the wireless infrastructure market remaining.

"We are very pleased with the success of our initiative to monetize the valuable research performed by InterDigital Labs over the last decade related to cellular infrastructure, and these agreements set a very solid base for future licensing activities," said William J. Merritt, InterDigital President and CEO. "Our pioneering inventions are being recognized by equipment manufacturers, without the need for extensive investigation or litigation. We look forward to the Signal Trust delivering more value through its licensing activities."

InterDigital's research efforts for cellular infrastructure have been driven by the company's InterDigital Labs internal research team, and cover a wide range of technologies used in WCDMA and LTE cellular networks and cellular infrastructure equipment. Those technologies include dynamic spectrum management, transmission power control, cell-to-cell handover, integration of cellular and non-cellular networks, and improved coding and signaling schemes. More particularly, those research efforts include inventions that cover multiple technology functions including:

  • Enhanced uplink operation, dramatically improving the reliability of cellular transmissions during the sensitive handover of the terminal from one cell tower to another;
  • Intelligent control of the flow of data from the base station to the terminal, reducing transmission buffering, signaling errors, and retransmission requests;
  • More efficient data traffic routing in networks that integrate cellular service and non-cellular wireless service (such as Wi-Fi™);
  • Determination of transmission power between base stations and terminals, allowing more devices within a single cell to simultaneous operate at high bandwidth.

InterDigital established the Signal Trust in October 2013 as a means for monetizing a portfolio of approximately 500 patents and patent applications related to infrastructure that had not previously been licensed by the company to any meaningful degree. The Signal Trust structure provided a focused initiative with its own management team to drive licensing success. InterDigital also retained licensing rights under the Signal Trust patents for a period of time, now lapsed, to permit the company to conclude licensing deals prior to the Signal Trust assuming full responsibility. One hundred percent of the benefits of the Signal Trust accrue to InterDigital and an educational foundation established by the company to enhance the understanding of the importance of strong intellectual property protection.

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