Klever Marketing, Inc. Confirms Completion of iPhone & Android Application

SALT LAKE CITY, July 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Klever Marketing (OTCQB:KLMK) introduced the following revolutionary concepts to its digital marketing applications. KleverShop® (Consumers), KleverDash® (Retailers), KleverBank® (Manufacturers) & KleverKloud® (Network Hub) are now a complete system for consumers, retailers and manufacturers. Together are the first of its kind in the industry. In addition to these product innovations, Klever has introduced its daily 'Chime-Time Award Program' which has been proven to increase consumer shopping visits and been one of our highest rated features in focus group surveys. Consumers are now eligible to win the daily financial 'Chime-Time' Award while visiting their market of choice.

Klever Marketing's revolutionary new 'Hook & Tender' process now makes it possible for all supermarkets using the Retalix ISS45 POS System to standardize their digital coupon redemptions. Klever's patented 'Hook & Tender,' which is installed in a matter of minutes, allows the normal product scanning and checkout process to occur while Klever validates and processes the coupon redemptions through a single SKU, and then creates an auditable daily report for coupon clearing. Klever will soon be certified as a premier supplementary software service provider for ISS-45 installations. This product alone will help the many paper-driven coupon redemption grocery stores to easily convert to a mobile platform. The Hook and Tender is also being adapted to other POS systems.

Klever Marketing is currently in negotiations with two major companies who are making the necessary transition from paper couponing to digital couponing and are interested in Klever's patented digital couponing application along with its coupon redemption and clearing processes.

Klever has also recently added new features to its primary products. KleverShop®, our consumer application now carries the grocer's daily product features similar to the paper FSI handout used by grocers. And our KleverDash® retailer and supplier dashboard now allows the generation of marketing campaigns months in advance and automatically triggers the release of these campaigns. The ability of retailers and suppliers to monitor their redemptions in real time continues to be the leading feature of this dashboard along with the ability to eliminate coupon misredemption and malredemption.

Klever Marketing is the industry leader in providing patented, in-store marketing technologies dating back to 1999 with the launch of 'The Giving Cart'.

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