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Alex Daly

Alexandra Daly
Source: Vann Alexandra

Alex Daly is the founder of Vann Alexandra, a creative services agency that gets projects financed through crowdfunding. And she's been so successful, she was recently named the "crowdsourceress" for her expertise.

In the past year and a half, the company has produced several crowdfunding campaigns, raising millions of dollars for clients ranging from Oscar and Emmy nominated filmmakers to Neil Young. Daly was the producer for Young's PonoMusic, which raised $6,225,354—making it the fourth most-funded Kickstarter project in history.

Daly, a panelist at a number of distinguished film festivals and universities, is a columnist for the Big Think. Currently, she is on a national tour with the Knight Foundation. In addition to her crowdfunding successes, Alex is a producer for the feature-length documentary "Cocaine Prison," which has received support from various organizations, including the Macarthur Foundation, Cannes Film Festival's Fonds Sud Cinema, Sundance Documentary Fund and Tribeca Latin America Fund.

Before transitioning into film, Daly was a journalist for numerous publications, including New York magazine and SPIN, as well as the sole researcher for Wall Street Journal magazine.

Source: Pono

About PonoMusic

PonoMusic is an end-to-end ecosystem for listeners to get access to and enjoy their favorite music exactly as the artist created it, at the recording resolution they chose in the studio. The company offers customers the highest-resolution digital music available—up to 30 times that of an MP3.

Crowdfunding campaign

  • Initial goal was $800,000. Total funds raised is $6,225,354.
  • 4th most-funded project in Kickstarter history.
  • Total number of backers was 18,220.