CCTV Script 23/07/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on July 23, Wednesday.

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Microsoft's forth quarter earnings missed expectations due to their Nokia acquisition.

The computer software maker's profits took a hit due to the Nokia integration.

Q4 Earnings per share, excluding-items, came in at 58 cents a share.

On the bright side, revenues managed to surpass expectations, at $23.4 billion.

But the computer software maker said Nokia should break even in 2 years.

Shares initially fell after the numbers but have since regained ground.

And here's what some of our analysts think about Microsoft's positioning in the markets.

[NORMAN YOUNG / Senior Equity Analyst, Morningstar] "Frankly, Microsoft is in the position of a challenger here. They're not really the incumbent. And they're still doing well, and those are markets that continue to grow very quickly. The good news is, they did make those restructuring announcements before earnings this week. So they knew that something was up and they knew that this was going to be a tough acquisition to integration. The other good news is that during the call, management actually said that they expect Nokia to reach breakeven by fiscal 2016. Which is big news."

[MATTHEW HEDBERG / Software Analyst, RBC Capital Markets] "We think a lot of the good news is priced in to the stock. Obviously there's been a lot of moving parts with Nokia, and followed by the significant cost cuts and the dollar coming on board here. We do think there's a bright future in front of Microsoft. The fact that Microsoft is a $45 stock and we haven't seen that in over a decade. It's still a little too early to tell. What we were encouraged with tonight was the cost cutting initiatives that were originally outlined last week. They guided for operating expenses next year that were significantly below where we were thinking. So I think it's still early to judge the success of the acquisition, but we certainly like some of the swift cost cutting initiatives at this point. While a lot of the topic of conversation with investors is around Nokia, there's obviously a lot of stuff inside of an organic Microsoft that's doing a lot of really interesting things."

Microsoft shares hit a new 14-year high this week.

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