NASTRAQ Joins Forces With Kyle Robertson, the Intellectual Property Defense Counsel of Landmark Apple Cell Phone Wars, and for Intel, Cisco and Facebook


LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NASTRAQ announced that Kyle Robertson joined NASTRAQ as company discloses that its first priority is to protect intellectual property of company, and its artists; music, videos, films, books and all things creative. NASTRAQ, the stock market for music, videos and all things creative said that its decision to bring on Kyle was only a formalization of an existing relationship. Kyle has been a supporter from the very beginning.

Robertson said, "NASTRAQ's approach is powerful because dynamic pricing is fair to both consumers and artists. In the weeks to come, we will be releasing more details about the NASTRAQ API which will enable any programmer to integrate content streaming from NASTRAQ artists." "Kyle ‎is a very uniquely qualified and experienced individual with hands on programing, hardware, artificial intelligence, and gaming experience who in 2006 combined his technical expertise with a Law degree and participated as an intellectual property attorney on litigation for Intel, Cisco and Facebook, as well as the landmark cell phone wars as defense counsel for Apple. He also prosecuted patents for Veveo and Bit9, among others," said Sam Senev, Chairman of Global Private Funding, Inc.

Kamil Grzych, Founder and President of NASTRAQ, and Robertson continue to develop and safeguard the intellectual properties of NASTRAQ. Grzych said, "While other founders horde equity, Sam and I are very determined to bring the top minds from each related field because we know NASTRAQ is bigger than us; it's the future of how creative content will be monetized; music, videos, films, books and everything creative."

James Hunt, a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated engineer whose credits include Katy Perry, Ciara, Schoolboy Q, YG, and the Grammy nomination for his work on Kendrick Lamar's last album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City which went platinum march of this year with over a million sales, added, "NASTRAQ's ability to pool and collectively leverage those who create content enables NASTRAQ to provide recording studios, equipment, producers, directors, editors, publishers and all services necessary for releasing creative content at a significantly reduced cost; all while providing Digital Rights Management to safeguard intellectual property and a robust, market driven distribution platform."

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