Edward Meir Garners Metal Bulletin's Top Analyst Ranking

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NEW YORK, July 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- INTL FCStone Inc. (Nasdaq:INTL) today announced that metals analyst Edward Meir was ranked first for his overall second quarter base metals price predictions, with an accuracy rating of 97.24%, in Metal Bulletin's quarterly analysts review.

Each analyst/desk provides the latest forecasts for each metal at the beginning of each quarter. At the end of the quarter, a definitive ranking of accuracy in the forecasts is calculated and published. The overall ranking is based on the average variance across all forecasts received.

Since Q1 of 2013, Meir ranked as one of the top 5 analysts in both precious and base metals, more than any other analyst. Meir is currently exclusively retained by INTL FCStone as a senior commodity independent consultant for base and precious metals, having provided similar services to MF Global until its demise in 2011. Meir was voted as the most accurate price forecaster for base metals in 2011 (among a field of 26 firms) and more recently, came in second for 2013. Prior to providing research services, Meir sourced nonferrous metals out of Europe, China, and Russia for US clients, building on many years of trading experience he acquired in the commodity space.

Fred Demler, FCStone, LLC's Global Head of Metals and Institutional Futures, said, "We work very hard to make sure our customers have access to the very best information and it is gratifying to have Metal Bulletin recognize that we are delivering just that, the most accurate metals pricing forecasts in the industry."

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