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NEW YORK, July 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2014 August issue of NewsChina magazine highlights the following headline topics:

The cover story "Complex Problems" featured a series of violent incidents across China relating to Xinjiang that has awakened Beijing to the arrival of radical Islamism within its own borders. Xinjiang's rich and lengthy history is one of cultural integration as well as conflict.

Politics: Laying Down the Law China is trying to guide growing legions of petitioners away from Party and government departments and towards the judiciary in a bid to create greater "rule of law."

International: Driving Forces For Britain, China is no longer just a source of cheap import. It is a major client that needs to be wooed.

Economy: Beating the Crowds Increasingly adventurous elite Chinese tourists are fuelling a market for high-end bespoke travel agencies.

Society: Murder in God's Name The brutal and unprovoked murder of a woman, in public, by members of a fringe religious group, has resulted in renewed media interest in China's underground "cults."

Culture: Crossing Over One of Taiwan's most recognizable public figures, Lung Ying-tai has made the daunting transition from popular media critic to policymaker. Our reporter met with Lung in Taipei in May, for an exclusive interview focusing on her experiences over her past two years in office, and her hopes for Taiwan.

Innovation will boost science and technology research China's reform of its science and technology systems has fallen behind - a hindrance to technological advances and innovation.

The problem with China's finance sector is too much regulation, not a lack of it In order to bring vitality, competition and innovation to the domestic finance market, China should deregulate it.

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