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Accessories to hold your iPhone when you have no pockets

Apple iPhone 5s

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Accessories to hold your phone this summer

Ah, summertime and the living is easy. Whether your M.O is to lounge by the pool, enjoy the great outdoors or escape from the heat, you may find yourself wondering where to put that smartphone of yours.

While most phones are put in pants pockets to be possibly scratched, sat on or broken, chances are you will not have pockets in your linen shorts or summer dress. Occasionally, cell phones even end up in bras and underwear, but if you're not wearing any clothes at all, you definitely have nowhere to place your smartphone. So instead of waiting around until evolution blesses us with a third arm or a kangaroo-like torso pouch, we've rounded up six tech accessories you can use to store your phone when you go pocketless. From belts to underwear, some are practical, some are exciting and all are prime for this summer.

By Jessica Naziri, Special to
Posted 26 July 2014

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