Accessories to hold your iPhone when you have no pockets


Accessories to hold your phone this summer

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Ah, summertime and the living is easy. Whether your M.O is to lounge by the pool, enjoy the great outdoors or escape from the heat, you may find yourself wondering where to put that smartphone of yours.

While most phones are put in pants pockets to be possibly scratched, sat on or broken, chances are you will not have pockets in your linen shorts or summer dress. Occasionally, cell phones even end up in bras and underwear, but if you're not wearing any clothes at all, you definitely have nowhere to place your smartphone. So instead of waiting around until evolution blesses us with a third arm or a kangaroo-like torso pouch, we've rounded up six tech accessories you can use to store your phone when you go pocketless. From belts to underwear, some are practical, some are exciting and all are prime for this summer.

By Jessica Naziri, Special to
Posted 26 July 2014

1) FlyGrip, $29.95


If your phone isn't in your hand already, it's pretty much always within arm's reach—especially when you're sans pockets. The problem? As smartphones get smaller, flatter, sleeker and shinier, they also get harder to hold onto. Cue the FlyGrip: a product designed to prevent your devices from falling out of your hand. To avoid a smartphone death grip, the ergonomically designed FlyGrip attaches to the back of your phone (or case), and consists of a retractable adhesive disk that fits comfortably around two fingers, allowing you to navigate your screen with your thumb. The device can also be used on tablets and e-book readers.

2) Danieal, $23.99


"Why don't underwear come with pockets?" That's the same question 20-year-old Danieal Cormier asked himself while sitting around alone at home in his boxers one hot summer day. Tired of carrying his phone around everywhere, he took matters into his own hands and created the Danieal: Underwear with Pockets. They come with 9-inch deep pockets and will easily accommodate the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/S.

3) RooSport, $24.99

BeWear Athletics

Much like Sports Illustrated, once a year summer gives us a swimsuit issue, in this case no pockets. Faced with this, RooSport pocket replacement offers one way to keep tabs on your smartphone. This attachable, magnetic pouch snaps to the waistband of your bathing suit bottoms or shorts, using high-powered magnets.

The larger pocket can fit most smart phones, and the small zipper pouch can store smaller items, such as your cards and keys.

4) SlimClip Case, $39.99


If you find yourself itching to take videos and pictures, but are afraid of dropping your phone, then the SlimClip Case by theWTFactory (it's NOT what you first thought, it's The Wonderful Things Factory) is ideal for keeping your phone beside you when there's no good place to put your electronic friend. While there are many protective case clips out there, the SlimClip Case has a built-in clip-on functionality for securely attaching your phone to your waist, belt, pocket or wherever you want without the bulk of traditional clip cases.

The thin case adds 2.1 mm to the iPhone's width and fits snugly to your mobile device, so you can safely (and stylishly) tag it along with you during your summer adventures.

5) JoeyBra, $29.95


Look, ma, no handbag! This summer you can ditch the purse and tuck your phone into your bra for safekeeping. Dubbed the JoeyBra, the push-up bra is equipped with two slim under-arm pockets, so you can be hands-free. The pocketed bra can hold an iPhone along with ID, credit cards and even keys, regardless of bust size.

You can easily slip your iPhone out of for a quick call or text,and slip right back in when you're again ready to rock. The JoeyBracomes with convertible and removable straps and is available in twocolorsblack and snow leopard.

6) FlipBelt, $28.99


Gone are the days of baggy sweat pants with bulky pockets. To help solve the pocket-less problem, FlipBelt, designed a tubular waistband to store your phone and other accessories—all without looking like that tourist who is stuck in the '80s. Think of a modern day fanny pack, with 10 different colors.

FlipBelt is made of a moisture-wicking, anti-bacterialspandex-lycra blend that slides on and sits snugly on your hip, idealfor keeping your phone beside you when you're out and about thissummer. The FlipBelt is available in 10 colors.