CCTV Script 28/07/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on July 28, Monday.

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San Diego is under comic book fans.

But this is not just some geek fest.

Comic Con has become ground zero for the multi billion dollar entertainment industry to come and market their wares to it's most die-hard fans.

Julia Boorstin reports.

About a 150-thousand people are expected to attend this year's Comic-Con and take a look at these costumes. Fans cleary get really invested and that's why Comic-Con is so valuable. Brands can communicate directly with their fans and fans can go spread the word on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. And it's not just super heroes here at Comic-Con, this is pop culture ground zero. Comic-Con is a huge platform for media giants to announce and launch all sorts of content and it's expanded far beyond just comics. From Marvel building buzz for next week's Guardians of the Galaxy, it's also expected to provide details on as many of its upcoming films. Warner Bros.' DC comics promoting Constantine, which is producing for NBC, launching this Fall. And streaming video and video games are here. Microsoft's Xbox looking to build excitement for its upcoming Halo game and digital show.

San Diego's Comic-Con is for new ideas, creative ideas. It's time when all the brands and companies bring their best foot forward and unveil them in a big grand way. And of course, it's very competitive.

Big advertisers are teaming up with media brands to cut through and reach young, tech savy consumers... who're increasingly difficult to reach through traditional means like TV commercials. Two great examples are branded stunts. Pizza Hut's teaming up with Paramount's upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film to launch a life-size, 12-foot tall pizza throwing, firing pizza hut pizzas. And Uber's partnering with FX networks to fire Comic-con attendees through San Diego in a 130-foot Uber zipline. Uber has even designed cars to look like the police cars from that TV show Gotham to help people get around the city. Now, it's not just fanboys that're here. As you can see, it's kids, men, women, it's people of all ages as this is really the place where media companies wanna come and spread the word about everything coming up on the schedule. I'm Julia Boorstin, back over to you.

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I'm Qian Chen, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters.

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