Corporate Governance Developments at BIOASTER, Institute for Technology Research in Health.

  • Philippe ARCHINARD, President of Lyonbiopôle, replaces Alain MÉRIEUX as President of BIOASTER. He will also fulfill executive responsibilities conferred by his role as President of BIOASTER, following the departure of Tom SHEPHERD, who was CEO at BIOASTER from September 2013.
  • Christian BRÉCHOT, President of the Institut Pasteur, replaces Philippe ARCHINARD as Vice-President of BIOASTER.
  • Nathalie GARÇON, previously Vice-President at GSK Vaccines, joined BIOASTER team as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) on July 1st 2014.

PARIS and LYON, France, July 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since last September, BIOASTER team has grown considerably, expanding from 50 to over 80 members.

Today, BIOASTER technology platforms and project management team are operational on both sites in Paris and Lyon. Following the implementation phase, BIOASTER management is now called upon to evolve with BIOASTER new challenges: leading ambitious R&D projects in collaboration with the best academic and industrial players in microbiology and infectious diseases, while building international recognition.

Alain MÉRIEUX, BIOASTER first President, was in gathering a diverse group of founders around a single ambitious vision. As planned, after the Institute's start-up phase, he is leaving the position, and it is Philippe ARCHINARD that BIOASTER Board of Directors has nominated. « I am very proud today to be elected as BIOASTER President and to be able to continue to contribute to its development. » said Mr. ARCHINARD. «We are very pleased to welcome Nathalie GARÇON, who joined us as Chief Scientific Officer. She will be major manstay to the institute and the natural link between academic and industrial partners. Christian BRÉCHOT, President of the Institut PASTEUR, will be Vice-President of BIOASTER, a strong indication of the connection between academic excellence and industrial vision that will bring great success to BIOASTER. »

Nathalie GARÇON, BIOASTER's Chief Scientific officer, adds: «During my career and work on vaccine adjuvants, I have contributed to lifting scientific and technological barriers in order to improve vaccine effectiveness. This engagement to providing solution to current technologies road blocks fits perfectly within BIOASTER's mission. I am equally motivated by joining BIOASTER young team and working at the interface between academia and industry. This is where I intend to position myself in undertaking my new mission. »

Brief Biography: Nathalie GARÇON, PharmD, PhD

Nathalie GARÇON previously held the position of Vice-President, Head of Global adjuvants and Technology Innovation Centre, GSK Vaccines.

Nathalie GARÇON completed her biological Pharmacist PhD degree and her PhD in immuno-toxicology and immunopharmacology. She began her career in academic research - at London's Royal Free Hospital, then Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. In 1990, she joined, and remained up to now with GlaxoSmithKline, a major pharmaceutical company.

Nathalie GARÇON's exemplary career at GSK was dedicated to vaccine adjuvants, from discovery to registration and commercialisation of adjuvanted vaccines with a strong technological component. She received this year the Stanley Plotkin award for her achievements and career contribution to the field of vaccines and vaccine technologies.

Nathalie GARÇON has authored more than 50 papers and book chapters, and holds more than 200 patents.


BIOASTER, Institute for Technology Research in Health, federates academics and industrial partners to meet the technological challenges in microbiology and infectious diseases.

Its goal is to innovate in the field of technologies in order to accelerate patient access to the most up-to-date technology advances that infectiology can benefit from.

In order to meet this challenge, the French State, Lyonbiopôle competitiveness cluster and Institut Pasteur have mobilized the best in science, hospitals and the hexagonal microbiology and infectious disease industry: CNRS, Inserm, CEA, Mérieux institute, Danone Research, Sanofi, les Hospices Civils de Lyon, l'École normale Supérieure de Lyon, l'Université Claude Bernard, and is supported by 40 Lyon and French SMEs.

With scientists, clinicians and industrial partners from around the world, as well as clinical research organizations, biotechnology and medical device companies and digital health specialists, BIOASTER has developed an open and vigorously implemented approach that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

Based in Lyon and Paris, BIOASTER is a non-profit organization of over 80 members, including more than 60 scientists and engineers.

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