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El Paso, Texas, July 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Uptick Newswire sat with President and CEO of Premier Biomedical Inc., Mr. William A. Hartman, to get the scoop on their medical miracles that are stretching scientific limits. Based in El Paso Texas., Premier Biomedical Inc. is working closely with the US Department of Defense with Center of Expertise at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center and the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in high hopes of creating a brighter future for those that have little hope of seeing that future today.

Dr. Mitchell S.Felder, Chairman of Premier Biomedical's Scientific Advisory Board, has developed a revolutionary approach to conquering disease by physically removing the pathophysiologic basis of disease ™ from body fluids identified as pico-gram-size (one-trillionth of a gram) disease antigens through the use of antibodies administered, processed, and removed outside the body. The intent of this process is to eliminate dangerous side-effects of disease-fighting drugs.The company has tentatively identified some 19 diseases associated with cerebral spinal fluid for neurological diseases and blood for blood-born diseases.

Premier Biomedical has prioritized their broad-based research and development in order to focus initially on breast cancer, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Alzheimer's disease, and MS. The company has identified a number of target antigens associated with each of these diseases and is rapidly developing antibodies in the form of drugs to cure these diseases.

In one example, the antigen or life force of breast cancer was identified as CTLA4. Tests were initiated under the Company's direction in the first quarter of 2014 involving three groups of laboratory mice injected with breast cancer- - a control group that received no remediation, a second group that received chemo in stages to simulate human dosage frequency, and a third group that received only one subsequent dose of Premier Biomedical's antibody drug. A total of 24 mice were involved in each group of the duplicated study.

In summary, the results of the study were stunning! The control (no remediation) group and the chemo group mice showed large, black cancer lesions at the breast cancer injection site. Moreover, the chemo group had a substantial percentage show cancer metastasis on the heart, lungs, and liver. The third group that received only one anti-life force treatment from Premier Biomedical had no visible cancer. Moreover, a subset of the Premier Biomedical group rejected subsequent attempts to re-inject breast cancer- - that is, the breast cancer died! This successful animal study was peer-reviewed and presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Symposium on April 5-9, 2014 in San Diego. Further tests of this drug are scheduled.

With our recent discovery in our sit down with Premier Biomedical, Inc, Uptick Newswire is issuing a "Buy" rating on BIEI at a 6-month price target of $1.50.

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