The cheapest home in the Hamptons

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The Hamptons has long been home to some of the country's most expensive real estate. The average sales price for a Hamptons pad hit $1.6 million in the second quarter—on par with Manhattan and way above San Francisco.

The most expensive home in America just sold in East Hampton, for $147 million.

But it is still possible to find some bargains in this sandbox of the super rich. With that in mind, we set out to find the cheapest home in the Hamptons. Our search led us to a small, two-bedroom house tucked away in the woods of East Hampton.

Source: MLSLI.com

It's got a brand-new interior, with custom cabinets, Carrara marble, new lighting and stainless steel appliances. The siding and windows are new, along with a wooden porch that overlooks a small yard.

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All this for only $199,000. No, we're not missing a zero.

The reason it's so cheap? It's a mobile home in a mobile park. So along with your $199,000 you also have to pay around $700 a month in land and usage fees.

105-138 Oak View Highway, East Hampton, NY
Source: MLSLI.com

But still, $199,000 for a place in the Hamptons is unusual. So unusual that John Brady, the broker for the home, said that most of the calls he's getting on the property are from people who can't believe the price.

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"Most of the time I get inquiries in which they just want to confirm that this is actually a mobile home because they can't believe the price," he said. "So half the inquiries are 'please confirm that this is true!'"

Brady's also gotten a lot of interested buyers, but no sale yet. He said the closest thing in that price in the Hamptons would be "another $200,000 from this price."

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—By CNBC's Robert Frank