Photo Release -- The Launch Campaign for the New Mercedes GLA Offers a Novel Multiscreen Digital Experience

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NEW YORK and MADRID, Spain, July 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More and more brands are launching multiscreen campaigns to connect with users who jump from one screen to another and consume media simultaneously and interactively. In its latest online campaign, Mercedes shows the technical innovations of its new model via an interactive piece that connects the phone and PC. The campaign was run in Spain by the Zenith media agency, which Mercedes has relied on since 2006. It worked with the creative agency, Pixel&Pixel, and Sizmek's technology (Nasdaq:SZMK) in developing the multiscreen digital advertisement.

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The creative agency, Pixel&Pixel, worked with Zenith and Sizmek to develop the innovative approach of the piece. The campaign is designed to let the public experience the latest innovations of the new Mercedes GLA. From the start, the creative invites users to interact, play with and enjoy the Mercedes GLA. It seduces them into taking the key and closing the door, trying out new features, and delving slowly into the car's technical characteristics. All this is made ​​possible by connecting a PC to a smartphone using Sizmek technology.

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The launch of the GLA required extra recognition and required a breakthrough in connectivity and technical achievements. Elena Steiner, Mercedes-Benz Brand Manager, explains it like this: "Our debut in the SUV segment required us to carry out a different, ground-breaking type of communication that would completely capture the attention of all our potential customers, so we could express the positioning of the model to them in a clear manner." She adds, "The first contact with a customer is a key factor; hence, the focus on such a sophisticated, creative game. The interactivity between a PC and a mobile phone has enabled us to make the versatility suggested by the GLA a reality."

Miguel Lopez Guzman, Digital Director at Zenith and head of Mercedes-Benz's digital strategy states, "This campaign was a challenge. We needed to attract the appropriate amount of attention due the release of a completely new model, but the very complex creative mechanics required us to use specific ad formats. And all this without leaving the quality that a brand like Mercedes-Benz requires, of course. The results in terms of ad recall could not be better."

"We wanted to bring the campaign's claim of 'Freedom is contagious' to its fullest expression, allowing the user the freedom to surf the banner from their mobile and in an unconventional way. We also gave them the freedom to create the ideal scenario where they'd like to be with their new GLA. The mountains? Beach? In the city? With snow or rain? And then combine them with a number of elements to create a unique situation," explains Victor Coello Muñoz, CEO and Executive Creative Director of Pixel&Pixel.

"Our technology is allowing user experiences that were, until recently, unimaginable. Now, no one is surprised to see ads that jump from a computer screen to a mobile device to present a brand. But Mercedes GLA wanted to go further with this piece, enabling the user to drive virtually, play and, ultimately, experience the vehicle from any screen," states Pedro Travesedo, Country Manager of Sizmek Spain.

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