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What will your shopping list look like in 25 years?

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A buyer's guide for futurists

Over the last quarter decade, advancing technology, prices and other trends have vastly changed consumers' purchase landscape. Cell phones were barely a blip on the radar, let alone the smartphones that almost 60 percent of American adults now use, to the tune of $189.2 billion in revenue a year (per the CTIA). Shoppers have also seen the advent of GPS, hybrid cars and social media and the decline of the CD, dial-up Internet and video rental stores.

The next 25 years, experts say, are likely to herald changes that are just as big. "We were promised flying cars, and what we got was [Twitter's] 140 characters or less," said Jack Plunkett, chief executive of Plunkett Research. "Clearly, we'll be in for a lot of surprises."

As cost and trends continue to drive innovation, there are products you'll see more of, some you'll see less of, and others that may fade away altogether. You'll be needing less and wanting more—and buying things you didn't even know you wanted, simply because technology will tell you so.

Here are 10 items you are likely to have on your shopping list in 2039—and some you will probably be crossing off.

—By CNBC's Kelli B. Grant
Posted 1 August 2014

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