Oxford Performance Materials Announces Key Executive Appointments to Help Lead Next Chapter of Growth

Severine Zygmont Appointed President of OPM Biomedical

Aerospace Industry Veteran, Paul Martin, Named President of OPM Aerospace & Industrial

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., Aug. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. (OPM), a leading advanced materials and additive manufacturing (3D printing) company, today announced the appointment of Severine Zygmont and Paul Martin as Presidents of OPM Biomedical and OPM Aerospace & Industrial divisions, respectively.

With a primary focus on biomedical, aerospace and industrial applications, OPM utilizes advanced materials and application-appropriate 3D printing systems to manufacture disruptive end-use products, leveraging the company's proprietary ultra-high performance polymer, poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK). Since 1999, the founders of OPM have been developing advanced applications of PEKK and proprietary processes to convert PEKK into commercial products, in the process developing a superior value proposition known as "high performance additive manufacturing", or HPAM™.

"OPM is committed to building a world-class leadership team to support a broad range of biomedical and industrial activities," said Scott DeFelice, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Oxford Performance Materials. "Severine and Paul bring extensive industry experience and expertise that will enable us to expand our presence and serve our customers' HPAM needs on a global scale."

DeFelice added, "With these two key appointments, OPM is poised for growth and well-positioned to apply our advanced additive manufacturing processes to cost-effectively produce innovative, highly customized and fully functional parts that match or exceed the performance of those produced by traditional manufacturing processes."

Severine Zygmont, will assume the role of President of OPM Biomedical. The OPM Biomedical division is an original equipment manufacturer of medical devices that use the company's OsteoFab® process, which combines laser sintering additive manufacturing technology and OPM's proprietary OXPEKK® powder formulation to print orthopedic and neurological implants. These implants are biocompatible, mechanically similar to bone, radiolucent, and support bone attachment (i.e. osteoconductive). In February 2013, OPM received FDA 510(k) clearance for its OsteoFab® Patient-Specific Cranial Device and became the first and only company granted FDA clearance for 3D printed polymeric implants.

Ms. Zygmont has over 15 years of experience in the field of high performance thermoplastics and over 12 years of leadership experience in operations management, advanced manufacturing, business planning, and capital raising. She has held several positions at OPM, including Applications Engineer, Vice President of Operations and Finance, and Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Zygmont is a member of OPM's Board of Directors, and was recently named one of the "7 Top Women in Manufacturing" by CNNMoney.

Ms. Zygmont holds a masters in Chemical Engineering from French engineering school Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques and a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from French engineering school Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Systèmes Industriels.

Paul W. Martin has been appointed President of OPM Aerospace & Industrial, which utilizes the company's proprietary OXFAB® technology to deliver lightweight, high performance, cost-competitive, 3D printed thermoplastic parts for aerospace and other industrial customers. OPM's technology produces parts designed to equal the performance of certain machined aluminum components at significantly lower cost and weight. The company's products are ideal for end market industrial applications where functional complexity and weight reduction can have a substantial impact on performance while also yielding cost and energy savings.

Mr. Martin has over 40 years of experience in aerospace. In his career, he served as Executive Vice President of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®, where he provided strategic direction as part of the leadership team of the company. In 2000, Mr. Martin moved to Sikorsky Aircraft where he ultimately was responsible for all military & government activities of the company. In this new role, Mr. Martin will lead the expansion of OPM's business in the aerospace and industrial sectors and will continue to serve as a member of OPM's Board of Directors.

Mr. Martin holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from California State Polytechnic University and an MS in Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School, Flight Test Engineers Curriculum, and served in civil service with the U.S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, performing a range of flight test activities.

About Oxford Performance Materials, Inc.

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) is a recognized leader in 3D printing and high performance additive manufacturing (HPAM™). OPM has developed advanced materials technology for a high performance polymer, poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK), and delivers enterprise level, functional end-use products to the biomedical, aerospace and industrial markets as the first company to successfully apply additive manufacturing technology to PEKK. A pioneer in personalized medicine, OPM became the only company to receive FDA clearance to manufacture 3D printed patient‐specific polymeric implants for its cranial prostheses line in February 2013, and its Biomedical division received a second 510(k) for its patient-specific facial implants in July 2014. OPM's Aerospace & Industrial division has been fulfilling critical development contracts for parts in a range of aircraft applications in commercial, defense, and space with its proprietary OXPEKK® materials technology. For more information, please visit: http://www.oxfordpm.com/.

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