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Niles' under the radar stock: RNG

The next big "disruptor" stock is a name most investors might not have heard of, AlphaOne's Dan Niles said Tuesday.

With 1 percent penetration in a potential market of $75 billion, RingCentral, a business-oriented, cloud-based phone system, could see big gains in its future, he added.

"There are not that many markets left that are of that size that you can disrupt," Niles said. "At AlphaOne, we're actually switching to RingCentral after having been pretty unhappy with the AT&T service that we had. And it saves us about 60 percent on our phone bill by using this new technology."

Under the radar: Mallinckrodt

On CNBC's "Halftime Report," Niles cited the company's 99 percent customer retention rate from quarter to quarter, with 90 percent of the next quarter's revenue already booked on to its balance sheet.

The service differed significantly from the likes of Vonage, Microsoft's Skype or Google Voice because of its business focus, he said.

"In terms of the competition, you've got a lot of consumer-type solutions which aren't ready for enterprise-type applications," Niles said. "This is for businesses. This is not for personal use."

Upcoming partnership deals in Canada this year and in the U.K. next year should give the stock a boost, he added.

"Plus, I think there's going to be other carrier deals coming," Niles said. "And the forecasts actually have decelerating growth when I've got a lot of these deals starting."

By CNBC's Bruno J. Navarro