Uber for pot: Eaze attracts investors for SF pot delivery app

Eaze, the Uber for weed
Eaze, the Uber for weed

Want a bag of pot delivered to your house in 10 minutes? Well, now there's an app for that.

Eaze, the brainchild of Keith McCarty, formerly of Yammer, is a mobile app that allows medical marijuana patients in California to get their pot delivered directly to their door.

Now, McCarty is courting investors to fund his start-up that is operating out of his apartment in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco.

"It's been self-funded by me up until now, but with a successful launch we are obviously looking to expand very quickly into other cities, so we are seeking funding right now," he said. "This week is littered with other investor meetings so we are hoping to close a round soon."

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Justin Solomon | CNBC

McCarty says the sky is the limit. While he's starting Eaze in California, he wants to quickly bring the business to other markets, where he believes it can gain traction.

"We plan to go to Southern California and then into other states that allow for medical marijuana," he said, adding that the business needs volume to achieve scale.

"I think we want to make sure we get the blueprint right in San Francisco, but we will be expanding outside of San Francisco in a matter of weeks and potentially by later this year into other states," McCarty adding, on his company's ambitious plans for growth in the coming months.

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According to McCarty, Eaze is delivering a service that has never been created and capitalizes on both mobile technology and convenience for medical marijuana patients in California. The service is free to patients, and the medical marijuana dispensaries pay a fee to Eaze for bringing the clinics new customers.

Justin Solomon | CNBC

"We are just bringing technology into a new vertical, delivering medical marijuana in roughly 10 minutes," he said. "Our revenue model is we charge dispensaries for that lead generation service that we create for them."

"And If you were to follow the money it would essentially go from the patient to the dispensary, and we would then invoice the dispensary for the lead generation service that we provided to them," McCarty added.

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Eaze doesn't hire drivers, but rather works with a fleet company that has its own drivers who are sanctioned to carry a limited amount of marijuana in their cars for delivery.

Although recreational pot is now legal in both Colorado and Washington, it is not in California. There are some pushing for a measure for its legalization in the state in 2016, but there's also opposition. An anti-medical marijuana lobby in Sacramento, backed by the Police Chief's Association and the League of California Cities, has long opposed the statewide legalization of weed.

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Yet, public opinion about marijuana legalization is changing. A recent Pew Trust survey indicates that the majority of Americans (54 percent) now favor the legalization of marijuana. And support for legalization is even higher (69 percent) among millennials.

—By CNBC's Mark Berniker and Justin Solomon