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Mayor Boris Johnson to run for parliament in 2015

Oli Scarff | Getty Images

London Mayor Boris Johnson, widely regarded as a potential challenger to Prime Minister David Cameron, said on Wednesday he would try to run for parliament in next year's national election.

Winning a parliamentary seat would be the first step in any bid by Johnson to succeed Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party.

Johnson, known for his eccentric manner, sharp wit and unruly mop of blond hair, is popular among Conservative voters and has a high political profile after six years as the capital's mayor, during which London held the Olympic Games.

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"I haven't got any particular seat lined up but I do think that in all probability ... I will try to find somewhere to stand in 2015," he told an audience in London.

Johnson, who says he is a supporter of Cameron, previously served as a Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) between 2001 and 2008. Until Wednesday he had avoided repeated questions over his political future.

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Johnson said he would serve out his term as London's mayor, which lasts until 2016.

In March, Cameron called on Johnson to return to national politics.