Cafe gets grilled for 'minimum wage fee'

Mark Wragg | Stockbyte | Getty Images

A Stillwater, MN, restaurant is getting grilled for its reaction to Minnesota's recent minimum wage hike.

In order to absorb the state's 75-cent increase in its minimum wage that began Aug. 1, Oasis Cafe owner Craig Beemer added a 35-cent 'minimum wage fee' directly to customers' tabs, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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While some members of the community took to Facebook and phone calls to express their outrage towards the charge, Oasis Cafe manager Colin Orcutt defended Beemer's move by saying that, in order to stay operating, indirectly raising prices through food costs would be "a lot more backhanded."

According to Orcutt, business has increased so far this week.

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